Indian way of pregnancy care GarbhaSanskar
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We are covering following topics in course .


 * Importance of diet for healthy mother
 * Importance of Satwik Ahar
 * Satwik Ahar produces Satwik thoughts.
 * Few simple recipes keeping working mothers in mind.
 * Diet to suit for every mother & every patients.
 * Model diet for working & non working mothers.
 * Diet after delivery.

 * To improve power of concentration
 * Helps to get rid of negative thoughts
 * Most Important --Helps to achieve near about thoughtless  stage of mind very important 
                              before  Communicating with babies  

   Prenatal Exercise  
 * Exercise designed for pregnant mothers & especially helpful to working mothers.
 * Designed as per months of pregnancy .
 * Tailor-made for every patients.
 * Special exercise for ladies who have been advised bed rest.
 * Very important to reduce backache & helps to facilitate normal delivery

   Cosmetic care
 * Helps to combat all physical alternations talking place in pregnancy line.
 * Hyper pigmentation of face.
 * Stretch Marks.
 * Hair loss.

  Common antenatal problems and their solutions
 * Problems faced during first three months, next three months & last three months.
 * How to identify?
 * Treatment 

   Normal Delivery
 * In todays era & nuclear family , no elders to guide about delivery process.
 * Process of normal delivery explained.
 * Demonstration with help of slides & bony pelvis

    Painless Delivery & complicated Delivery 
  * What is painless labor?
  * Do's & don't in caesarean delivery.
  * forceps & vaccume deliveries

   Postnatal or other  delivery exercises
 * Exercises that are to be done after delivery.
 * Reduces back pain.
 * Helps to retain physical form

   Neonatal or baby care
 * To be attended by both mother & father.
 * Session taken by pediatricians
 * Normal newborn & variations.
 * Do's & don'ts in common baby problems like crying ,rashes,
 * Normal new born baby care.
 * Vaccination
 * Normal milestone & development of baby.